Borrow bitcoin-backed stablecoins & synthetic assets without intermediaries.

Built on Bitcoin

Lock collateral in a smart contract on the Liquid blockchain. Fast deposit via Lightning Network supported.

Blinded oracle

Oracle signs the reference price updates without knowing in advance about the contract or who the parties are.


No intermediaries or custodians: the collateral can be redeemed anytime once the debt is paid back.

How it works

Lock BTC collateral

Anyone can open a new contract at current reference price, after locking L-BTC as collateral in the covenant.

Borrow Fuji USD

The smart contract creates 1 fUSD for each 1.1 USD worth of BTC locked. More collateral decreases risk of liquidation.

Use, trade or long BTC

Borrow fUSD as leverage, use for commerce or trade for other Liquid assets.


Frequently asked questions

Q. Who can borrow Fuji assets?

Q. How to send, receive and store Fuji assets?

Q. Who are the parties involved in the contract?

Q. How can the borrower get back the collateral locked in the covenant?

Q. Why would I ever lock Bitcoin to borrow a Fuji asset?

Q. What is the minimum collateralization requirement?

Q. Can someone else beside the original borrower redeem the collateral upon burning a Fuji asset?

Q. How to verify that the platform is not issuing Fuji assets without being backed by collateral?

Q. If the Fuji asset represents a stock or security, can I vote or receive dividends?

Q. How is the price guaranteed to be 1 to 1 with the reference asset?

Q. If the collateral's value exceeds the collateralization requirement, shall the borrower close the current contract and borrow again?

Q. Is the liquidation tied to a single Oracle service decided in advance?

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